Little Falls Bakery & Café

The HEART of Pawtuxet Village

Where strangers become friends and neighbors meet to eat.

Serving the community 7 days a week since 2001.

Organic Whole Teas from Irie

We feature whole leaf organic hand blended teas made by Irie Tea Company in our store. They are beautiful to look at and smell fantastic. We generally offer the following: 


Providence Blend

English Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

Blue Flower Earl Grey

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

Irie Chai

Wu Yi Oolong

Cinnamon Spice

Decaf Ceylon 


Sencha Green

Jasmine Gold

Green Decaf 



Echinachea Sunshine

Yerba Mate

Ginger Get Go

Siberian Ginseng Ting

Lemon Appeal

Peppermint Alfalfa

Vanilla Rooibos

Chamomile Chillout

Yerba Mate 

Our coffee is imported and roasted in Providence by Mill's Coffee Roasters, one of the oldest roasters in the country-Founded in 1860.


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